Shut it, Bobby McFerrin

Life is not all happy hamsters and dancing faeries for the otherwise normal, healthy people, how can it possibly be for those struggling with a mental health injury? Constant optimism and positivity is an impossible thing to maintain because that’s emotion at work, and as I’ve said before they have their own magically delicious schedules we’re not privy to...

Oops, I Did it Again

This morning I published what I've since read with some distance and now think seems like a thousand words of personal rationalisation, hidden by reasonably intelligent sounding arguments and pseudo-objectivity (The Myth of the Pity Parade). I've posted much worse when I've been swimming in the deep end of the pity pool (and drunk), but … Continue reading Oops, I Did it Again

Paradigm Shifts

For most of my life, I identified as a writer. When I was younger it was all about fiction and even then mostly bad, formulaic genre fiction that I had a whole lot of fun writing. I worked very diligently and established strong routines around it that adapted to whatever else - work, relationships, geographic location - happened to change.