Oops, I Did it Again

00-oops-computer-14-09-13This morning I published what I’ve since read with some distance and now think seems like a thousand words of personal rationalisation, hidden by reasonably intelligent sounding arguments and pseudo-objectivity (The Myth of the Pity Parade). I’ve posted much worse when I’ve been swimming in the deep end of the pity pool (and drunk), but it’s something I’m trying to avoid now.

The subject, I think, is a good one. In fact, when I opened up my clipboard of ideas, it already had its own pinned index card just waiting to be explored further, so that’s what I started to do. I think there are some perfectly valid thoughts there, some very interesting notions, but in retrospect I should’ve left them unpublished until they’d had time to simmer a bit and gone back to edit when I wasn’t in that same space. Like a good beef stew, when you let the flavours properly blend.

I certainly should’ve removed the long and self-serving woe is me description of my circumstance, or at least found a different analogy to use.

At any rate, I will revisit the topic again because it’s important, and hopefully treat it properly when I do.

In the spirit of the personal honesty that found me starting this journal, I am not going to drastically edit or delete it since it’s already been out there for awhile now, but I wanted to add this as a wee addendum. This is my journey, my walls to take down, and as I alluded to in that post, sometimes it’s brick by ever-lovin’ brick. This morning I dashed out and bought a brand new BFH, anyway.

As an aside, have you ever typed the word oops into Google image search? Go ahead, I’ll wait.


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