The ‘Harbour

There is this mural down near the park with the slip of beach next to the boat launch that depicts the history of Victoria Harbour and the surrounding region. From what I understand, it’s only about a year old and is part of a larger project to celebrate Canada’s 150th that also included one each … Continue reading The ‘Harbour



Yesterday we walked to Sunny's, the only convenience store near the middle of town (though there's another on the edge), and there was an olive drab 1968 Cougar just pulling to the curb. The man that stepped out, and walked into the store, was in a pair of chinos and a polo shirt and had … Continue reading Cougar

Rix Rocket, The Rescue Dog

Anyone with post-traumatic stress disorder knows in both an intellectually abstract and a very tangible real-world way what its effects are. We know their fancy clinical names and, more intimately, the way they affect us personally, our bodies, our sense of self-worth and well-being, and the lives of those closest to us. Cool your boots, … Continue reading Rix Rocket, The Rescue Dog