Paramedics & PTSD: Oh? I had a bit of that once, I got over it…

I could have written this. It is everything I have experienced, only more than once I DID get out of the car and let my fear and panic, appearing to most as anger and rage, almost get me into very serious trouble.

Walking In My Shoes

I really hate ptsd. Had a pretty bad, very public panic attack yesterday that drew a small crowd. I thank God no one approached or called 911, they just stared at me hyperventilating and screaming in the car. For ten whole minutes at least four random people stopped and stared at me!

When I was finally able to slow my breathing down I overheard one woman on her phone (talking the whole time she was staring) say, “Yeah, having a total panic attack, remember how *muffled*…yeah, no she looks better now..*laughs*” So glad it was entertaining for you all.

I haven’t been triggered that bad in a long time. The residual numbness and brain fog lasted over an hour. I barely slept last night, still jumpy, my muscles are still tightened, my brain still feels threatened.

All because some random idiot Dr decided it was his place to come over…

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