Running on Empty

I’ve always called it my psychological fuel, the finite amount of inner, personal resources I have available to use throughout my day. Inside of us all, we have a container that’s constantly being refilled as we draw from it, but not everyone’s container is the same size, not everyone’s inner psychological engine has the same mileage rating, and not everyone’s refill is super efficient.

Everyone Needs Help Now & Again

There’s nothing new about people whinging, I do it all the time (not so much lately). The nifty little catch phrase first-world problem is all over the interwebs these days, a disparaging term meant to highlight the differences between those whingers that have and whoever the person using it decides does not. Sometimes it’s valid. If … Continue reading Everyone Needs Help Now & Again

Serenity ≠ Happiness

Note: A small portion of this originally appeared as a status update on my Facebook feed. I thought it worth expanding on here. Internet memes provide a quick 'n' dirty way to put across a social or cultural idea that can be quite profound, or profoundly funny. One of my favourites captures both of these. … Continue reading Serenity ≠ Happiness

Working to be a Better Person

You’re picturing me naked, aren’t you? So anyway, flash forward to yesterday and I scroll to a news image on my Facebook feed showing the most recent police reaction to the protests at Standing Rock. Morbid curiosity being what it is, I skim over some of the comments. One in particular, a visceral and hate-filled … Continue reading Working to be a Better Person