When you’re “stuck” in PTSD…

Walking In My Shoes

When you have PTSD, especially those of us who were first responders, life changes dramatically. Some of us, with timely, appropriate intervention and a caring, supportive community, seem to bounce back with only a “momentary” (a few months to a few years) interruption to our lives and functioning. Yet others of us encounter complications in our path to healing that keep our brains and nervous systems enmeshed in that traumatic experience, resulting in a situation where we are seemingly permanently stuck in fight or flight.

Chronic, or more commonly, Complex PTSD, is the term given to this situation where our brains and bodies are “stuck” in PTSD and reach a point where treatments often stall. Despite all of your best effort trying to get better with treatment, things don’t go completely away.

In trying to define C-PTSD the experts have described situations of prolonged abuse (years); weeks of threat in…

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