Life After PTSD?

For awhile I stepped away from this blog because I’d been focusing my efforts on a short story (that has now become a novella as it becomes much too long for a short story and has still only just entered the second act). But I have missed it here. There have been many things I’d … Continue reading Life After PTSD?

The Nature of Dignity

Dignity is such a tender thing, gentle and diaphanous, and so easily disturbed that our reactions when it is can be very raw. When a person fits into the narrow little cubbyhole of expectations that our culture allows us, it’s easy to forget just how quickly it can be upset, because when we maintain that focus, keep up with the Joneses, it seems nailed on like aluminum siding when in reality we’re still only just pinning it to our faces with our own expectations.

Oops, I Did it Again

This morning I published what I've since read with some distance and now think seems like a thousand words of personal rationalisation, hidden by reasonably intelligent sounding arguments and pseudo-objectivity (The Myth of the Pity Parade). I've posted much worse when I've been swimming in the deep end of the pity pool (and drunk), but … Continue reading Oops, I Did it Again