On States of Being and Emotion & the Differences Between Them

Some examples I’ve mentioned here have been explored and will be again I’m sure, as I think more on them or find myself learning from others. Right now, though, I think I might put on some Pharrell Williams and start dancing in my living room like a crazy person because I’m happy.

The Anxiety Scale

Nobody ever taught us much about panic attacks in paramedic school, or at least to the degree that I remember. It may well have been a module in the wee psychology course we took, but the only thing I can really recall from that was giving a presentation on kleptomania and as I did, walking between the desks and casually nicking pens, lighters, and coffee cups. I thought I was being terribly clever.

Attack of the Lizard Brain

NOTE: This was originally posted as a status to my Facebook timeline. So let me talk a bit about my "feeling sad" post last night. PTSD has a few but broad-reaching effects. One of those, perhaps one of the worst, is a disproportionate emotional response to an otherwise simple stimulus. The psychologists and those more … Continue reading Attack of the Lizard Brain