Why Optimisim is Unhealthy

Some months ago I made a conscious choice to avoid being negative on Facebook, something I hoped would extend on its own into other parts of my life, and it has. No angel here, though, I still occasionally take the piss out of racists and bigots, but then I move on to more puppies and poetry.

I Can Take It, Doc

Can I be cured? There’s a question and a half, and one without an easy answer. I recall once telling my doctor that I was sure this would never go away, that I was never going to not have PTSD, and the look she gave me (she always has trouble keeping a professionally straight face with me) was one of shock with an equal measure of wor

Running on Empty

I’ve always called it my psychological fuel, the finite amount of inner, personal resources I have available to use throughout my day. Inside of us all, we have a container that’s constantly being refilled as we draw from it, but not everyone’s container is the same size, not everyone’s inner psychological engine has the same mileage rating, and not everyone’s refill is super efficient.