The Nature of Beauty

There is beauty in a moment captured that we otherwise wouldn’t see because it flies by so fast or happens so far away we wouldn’t even know it exists. There is beauty in not only the line and form and movement of a dancer, but also in the simple physical effort of dancing, and there is certainly beauty in the smile of a child full of joy.

Art Supplies & Good Company

There is a reason we are attracted to the various things we are attracted to, and it’s not always as basic as food, shelter, or the proliferation of our genes. There are almost 50000-year-old cave paintings in Spain and Indonesia, arguably done by someone as a hobby in his off-time.

Who Are You?

I have always believed there is great drama in a simple life, it's a concept that's fueled many great literary novels, but what of the simple life? None of us are ever only one thing - paramedic, police officer, firefighter, victim, survivor, witness. As this young woman said, PTSD defines her injury, but it does not define her.