The Nature of Contentment

While the persistent state of being serene can encompass contentment, that it might even be presumed in the understanding of the word, the latter is a much more slippery thing than the former. So much so that I struggle calling it a state of being even though I am pretty sure it’s not an emotion.

On States of Being and Emotion & the Differences Between Them

Some examples I’ve mentioned here have been explored and will be again I’m sure, as I think more on them or find myself learning from others. Right now, though, I think I might put on some Pharrell Williams and start dancing in my living room like a crazy person because I’m happy.

Saturday’s Simple Smile

Simple pleasures happen all the time. If we consciously seek them out (not to the point of distraction, mind you), and with thought drain them dry of every wee ounce of quiet joy we can, particularly when our day begins, they can provide balance to the not so pleasurable but equally simple stressors of our everyday lives.

Serenity ≠ Happiness

Note: A small portion of this originally appeared as a status update on my Facebook feed. I thought it worth expanding on here. Internet memes provide a quick 'n' dirty way to put across a social or cultural idea that can be quite profound, or profoundly funny. One of my favourites captures both of these. … Continue reading Serenity ≠ Happiness