The Nature of Hate

This past US presidential election has found me thinking on the nature of hate, so prominent as it now seems to be. In a past entry I touched on this briefly and described it as a learned behaviour, not a natural human emotional state, and an unhealthy thing to let wander freely through our noggins.

Peace, Honesty, & Integrity

I don’t want to be that person that is fueled by anger and jealousy, drunk or not. There’s no peace there, no calm, no inner serenity to rely on in those moments of stress, and though I recognise it hadn’t helped me manage the other day either, I am getting closer to the day when it will.

Working to be a Better Person

You’re picturing me naked, aren’t you? So anyway, flash forward to yesterday and I scroll to a news image on my Facebook feed showing the most recent police reaction to the protests at Standing Rock. Morbid curiosity being what it is, I skim over some of the comments. One in particular, a visceral and hate-filled … Continue reading Working to be a Better Person