Going on an Adventure!

Man, it was hard, though, and is it ever still. There are leaps ahead often followed by stumbling falls backward, but generally there’s that thwumpsnick sound of my feet getting sucked back down into the mud, and there’s me with both hands trying to pull it back out to take another step.

Trigger Warning Not (Usually) Required

I want to write things that explore the more esoteric philosophical ideas of emotional existence rolling around in my head like marbles; examine practical, healthy aspects of living a life at relative peace with the world, both inside and out, and tools we can use to achieve that; talk more about quality of life than whatever shitty road I took to get here; and occasionally have a bit of goofy fun.

Attack of the Lizard Brain

NOTE: This was originally posted as a status to my Facebook timeline. So let me talk a bit about my "feeling sad" post last night. PTSD has a few but broad-reaching effects. One of those, perhaps one of the worst, is a disproportionate emotional response to an otherwise simple stimulus. The psychologists and those more … Continue reading Attack of the Lizard Brain