Be the Kind of Person Your Great Grandchildren Will Be Proud Of

I never knew my great grandfather and only remember the occasional stories about him, but I do know that he was a working man who raised a large family with limited means, and still managed to be such a positive influence on his community that one of the few streets in this little town that isn’t named after a tree is named after him. I’m rather proud of that.

The Nature of Dignity

Dignity is such a tender thing, gentle and diaphanous, and so easily disturbed that our reactions when it is can be very raw. When a person fits into the narrow little cubbyhole of expectations that our culture allows us, it’s easy to forget just how quickly it can be upset, because when we maintain that focus, keep up with the Joneses, it seems nailed on like aluminum siding when in reality we’re still only just pinning it to our faces with our own expectations.