An Unintended Passenger

The table is set perfectly. Mom has taken her best china and silver from the hutch, and used the best paper napkins she could find but only because they have the cutest turkeys printed on them and they’re festive. They match the paper tablecloth, too. Aromas rise from the food, mixing to an orchestral crescendo … Continue reading An Unintended Passenger

The ‘Harbour

There is this mural down near the park with the slip of beach next to the boat launch that depicts the history of Victoria Harbour and the surrounding region. From what I understand, it’s only about a year old and is part of a larger project to celebrate Canada’s 150th that also included one each … Continue reading The ‘Harbour

War Stories

Nobody will ever be able to understand the specific stories you tell like you can, not even me, because none of us has seen it through your eyes, but those of us who’ve felt the same fear, the same moral injuries, or the same sudden losses and threats to our own mortality like you have don’t need to.