snoopy-2016-thanksgiving-4k-wallpaperToday is Thanksgiving in the United States. While Canada had its in October, I was not where I am now, even though it was just a month ago (not going to question it not going to question it not going to question it), so I am co-opting theirs for my own nefarious purposes.

Here is a list of the five things I am grateful for this past year, in order of however they come into my head:

  1. My Doctor, Kathy Swayze, who has known me for almost 25 years, almost never judged me, and despite being of the same generation has become my surrogate mom. I told her that once. She made a face at me.
  2. The H.E.L.P Network, the peer support group I finally joined last July despite getting emails from them for over a year. The benefits I have reaped from these people cannot be quantified.
  3. One particular member of that group that I won’t name because his head is already too big, who has become a non-judgmental friend whose inspiration and subtle influence helped me make some hard choices I’d been avoiding for a very long time.
  4. Facebook friends I have never met, or only met once, that have reached out with unexpected, unsolicited, kindness and generosity. You know who you are, and I love you.
  5. Steve and Ahmed, two understanding men of business who actually practise the often vaunted virtue of being good people to good people.

An honorary mention to the online thesaurus I use, so I could look up words like vaunted when vaulted just didn’t sound right.

My best wishes to all of you sitting down to a big turkey dinner today with friends and family. Be sure to prepare your political arguments ahead of time, but if drunk Uncle Red starts into how Killary is going to jail and the south will rise again, have an exit strategy ready too.

If you’re alone and feeling it, reach out to someone, or take that invitation from a friend you turned down a week ago.

Man, I miss my mom’s turkey soup.

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